Btc4you miaosun Pet Feeding Mat for Dogs and Cats-FDA Grade Silicone-Waterproof-Non Slip Pet Food Pad (grey):Btc4you
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miaosun Pet Feeding Mat for Dogs and Cats-FDA Grade Silicone-Waterproof-Non Slip Pet Food Pad (grey):Btc4you

miaosun Published in October 23, 2018, 4:53 pm
 miaosun Pet Feeding Mat for Dogs and Cats-FDA Grade Silicone-Waterproof-Non Slip Pet Food Pad (grey):Btc4you

miaosun Pet Feeding Mat for Dogs and Cats-FDA Grade Silicone-Waterproof-Non Slip Pet Food Pad (grey):Btc4you

Price:£7.69+ Free shipping

DAVE COOKE Reply to on 29 August 2017
We've been feeding our cats off some left over tiles from a recent bathroom upgrade. It seemed like a good idea to find a replacement for the cat feeding mat we previously had, which had reached end of life about three months ago...

This silicon version seemed like a good idea, I particularly liked the colour, and the fact that the image shows a rim, great when one of the cats decides to upend their water bowl.

It was shipped from China, so did take a bit over a week to arrive, but I was not disappointed when it finally turned up. The colour looks great, and sure enough the rim does what it's supposed to do. The fact that it's silicon makes it very sticky, which prevents cat pots and dishes from sliding around the mat.

Very happy with this purchase.
Michelle, North Wales
Michelle, North Wales Reply to on 10 February 2018
This mat is fantastic, when it was delivered I was so happy I immediately ordered another one. Other mats I've had have either been carpet (cats find a thread, unravel and attempt to swallow) or a sort of thin laminate which slides all over the floor. Not so with these, nothing moves! Stays put on the floor and dishes stay in place (mat is made of silicone) also very easy to wipe. Wish I'd known about these years ago.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 22 April 2018
Great mat for pet feeding area. Stops the bowls from sliding all over the place. Dishwasher friendly too, although easy to clean with a cloth also.

The lip around the outer edge is great for the occasional water spill. Although that won't stop your pet from walking it around the house.

Overall I'd highly recommend this product.
J. Arden
J. Arden Reply to on 20 July 2018
This has just arrived from China. I probably would not have bought had I realised how far it had to travel. I have to say that this is a lovely mat which will stop the dogs bowls from moving and also the mat will remain in place.
The one I have is Grey and it looks very neat and easy to clean.
Theresa Reply to on 3 August 2018
Our old pet mat was 0ast it's best and I decided to replace it with this.
It's great!
The product came neatly rolled up and unfilled flat without any fuss.
The material is rubbery so it doesn't slip across the floor, there is a lip all around the edge so any spills are contained and I can fit 4 small bowls perfectly inside it (as a previous purchaser has photographed).
Highly recommended. I purchased the grey colour.
Jonathan Reply to on 13 September 2017
This is great for having the dog bowls on. It could easily be used for other pets too. It's a nice non slip rubber that holds the bowls firmly in place and it also grips well to the ground. Very pleased.
Fribbet Reply to on 30 June 2018
My cat absolutely shredded this mat within a few weeks unfortunately, I have re-ordered another one in the hope she behaves herself this time! Otherwise for the price you get what you're after really, it's big enough for two small food bowls/food and water bowl, very easy to wipe down with a wipe due to the smooth surface.
Jen Reply to on 5 March 2018
The cat was unsure of this mat at first. I think he walked over it and it felt weird underfoot. So far it's been wiping clean easily and helping to contain the mess. Hopefully it lasts longer than our previous mat! It does feel more robust and isn't slipping around.
SS Reply to on 8 November 2017
This feeding mat is fab quality and fits well with my modern house. It is very thick but flexible and is hard wearing and easy to clean. The little paw print on the corner is a nice touch. I can fit two small dog bowls and a water bowl on this mat.
ian bedford
ian bedford Reply to on 7 March 2018
Really good product, I have purchased other cat mats in the past. And never been good. So far this cat mat has been brilliant, looks good and also cleans well. Also good customer service from seller. I would recommend
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