Btc4you Paper Plates 15cm - Pack of 100:Btc4you
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Paper Plates 15cm - Pack of 100:Btc4you

drinkstuff Published in September 21, 2018, 1:31 pm
 Paper Plates 15cm - Pack of 100:Btc4you

Paper Plates 15cm - Pack of 100:Btc4you

Price:£4.29+ Free shipping with Labuttanret Prime

alina Reply to on 21 July 2016
I just can't believe it has so many good reviews !! these paper plates are such bad quality , I'm very upset as I have a small budget these days I thought I'm doing a saving by buying 100 for that price.
The size is misleading as the plates are very small and the quality is so bad , the plates are so thin I can't even put a few slices of bread on it!!
You can get 50 paper plates from Tesco with £1 and the quality is superior. I want a refund!!
I feel like they are making a fool of us for selling this crap for almost £5.
You should be ashamed!!
vocalist Reply to on 28 October 2016
Ordered the Paper Plates 15 cm - Pack of 100 for a recent party and pleasantly surprised at the speed of delivery and quality. These are small paper plates, around the size of a side plate which was perfect for my guests at the BBQ - just big enough to fit a burger and/or nibbles without flopping and collapsing like some of the larger plates! I already had some of the larger paper plates piled with bread and these small ones were perfect for a garden party where guests would be wandering around. Very pleased.
Ms T
Ms T Reply to on 6 February 2018
These plates are perfect as they will be used at a children’s birthday party. They only measure 15cm which isn’t too big but yet not too small considering I am only planning to serve sandwiches and some crisp and sweets.
You get 100 which is plenty so will have enough for the adults too. And will come in handy when I am dishing out the cake.
Amber Reply to on 20 July 2017
Great for one snack bites and cake. Smaller than it looks. Check measurements to avoid dissapointment.
rugrats Reply to on 27 August 2018
The paper plates are just what is needed for a coffee morning allowing you to put four items on a plate, they are well made, arrived on time and very good quality indeed would not hesitate to recommend these.
Lesley Orchard
Lesley Orchard Reply to on 11 January 2018
I buy these to put the cat food on as it is much quicker and more hygienic than bowls. They stand up to the grease and liquid well.
Mel Reply to on 7 January 2017
These are tiny! I am sure they aren't the size advertised (or at least only if you measure rim to rim which of course is useless as the rim is not a useable surface). These literally can only be used for very small children due to the tiny useable surface area.
grizz Reply to on 30 August 2017
These are tiny. The 15cm is diameter not radius the description does not make that clear.. be aware, they are snack sized. I have emailed company to send back and heard nothing
nicnacnoo Reply to on 21 May 2017
Bought these for arts and craft. Did such a great job! A good size. Will buy again.
gran Reply to on 18 February 2018
these plates are very small am returning them they do not measure 6" from rim to rim and the plate part is only 4" could be ok for small child's party but would not hold an adult size bit of cake
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