Btc4you Lansinoh Latch Assist Nipple Everter with Case:Btc4you
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Lansinoh Latch Assist Nipple Everter with Case:Btc4you

Lansinoh Published in September 21, 2018, 2:36 pm
 Lansinoh Latch Assist Nipple Everter with Case:Btc4you

Lansinoh Latch Assist Nipple Everter with Case:Btc4you

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Momma of 2 girls
Momma of 2 girls Reply to on 23 July 2018
This product saved my life - I only used I for 2 days in the end but was struggling to breastfeed with on flat and one slightly inverted nipple. A couple of pumps on this and she was straight on!!
So much easier that cracking out a breast pump like the midwives and HVs tell you to do and better than using nipple shields. I also bought and used breast shells to draw out my nipples at the same time. Both miracle products I wish I’d have had for my 1st born!
Hannah Reply to on 15 April 2018
Did an amazing job! Was sceptical that such a cheap product would make any difference to the latch but after one use baby could latch so much better as the nipple was better shaped and after a few uses it was no longer needed. This product made a huge difference to our breastfeeding journey so I would definitely recommend.
Zahra Lary
Zahra Lary Reply to on 30 October 2017
Very simple yet effective device. I have flat nipples so I have been using this to draw them out and so far it’s been very good .
NurseyC Reply to on 29 July 2017
Didnt work for me, the effect of drawing out the nipple only lasted for a few seconds and not enough to assist in any breastfeeding related issue.

I'd recommend nipple shields and discussing the issue with a breastfeeding consultant prior to purchasing these.
Alice Westwater
Alice Westwater Reply to on 13 December 2017
This works wonders to help get a good latch. We struggled to establish breastfeeding as our daughter was premature. We initially used nipple shields, then started using this and no longer needed the shields.
Mrs H
Mrs H Reply to on 16 July 2018
Good quality product but didn’t work for me unfortunately- my let down is very quick and this just filled with milk immediately which made it lose suction so couldn’t do what I’d hoped.
monicak Reply to on 22 April 2018
This nipple sucker has really helped me and my baby breastfeed with a flat nipple that just won’t stay out, making latching on very difficult and painful. This is really easy to use, taking just a few seconds to prepare for the feed.
ana-maria ursu
ana-maria ursu Reply to on 30 April 2018
It does help you by pulling out the nipple but it cannot make as long as they say.
If you have very flat nipples is very helpful.
Baker girl
Baker girl Reply to on 5 January 2017
I've found this superb for feeding from an inverted nipple! Helps my baby to latch on the side that is less protruding than the other. Have it by my bed all the time. Great find! Highly highly recommend
Gaming Mom!
Gaming Mom! Reply to on 23 June 2017
Really did help before feeding to "enlarge" and start things off, having two sizes and the little pot to keep it in is a nice touch too.
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