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Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Published in October 23, 2018, 4:31 pm
 The Back-up Plan:Btc4you

The Back-up Plan:Btc4you


Nataliemania Reply to on 20 July 2018
I really liked alot of the jokes in this film so don't agree with the populas that its trash....It's a nice film but my one major criticism is that the swearing was completely unnecessary and actually when the guy swore with his son there about the poop in the film, I felt really troubled and disappointed that the producers of this movie, would deem such language appropriate in front of anyones kid???? For me, it shows the worlds demise in many areas....It's a sad state of affairs.....Other than that unfortunate negativity, I always have loved J Lo's acting way more than her music and she was totally convincing in this role, as she always is in my opinion.....Just a shame about the cursing!
sumayya Reply to on 12 May 2017
Intrestingly, a lot of quips I had not noticed the first time I saw this movie. Jennifer Lopez plays a strong headed female character who is not afraid to live her life as she wishes it to be. She has waited her whole life for the right guy and when he is not there, but her life is in the right place (job, age, money wise etc.,) she decides to go ahead and start a family without him. But as soon as she has taken the steps to do so, of course the plot thickens and she meets him! Alex O'Loughin plays a sweet talking (and looking) persistant guy. Who for once knows what he wants and is not going to stop until he gets the gal. But is he the one? It is not her best role, if you have seen her other films you will recognise similarities to other characters she has played, but if you want a pleasant, albeit sillly film you will enjoy this movie. Enjoy :)
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 February 2018
J-lo...enough said
June leonard
June leonard Reply to on 3 December 2017
Love this film ❤could watch it iver and over
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