Btc4you Fulfil Cookies and Cream Vitamin and Protein Bar - Pack of 15:Btc4you
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Fulfil Cookies and Cream Vitamin and Protein Bar - Pack of 15:Btc4you

Fulfil Published in October 23, 2018, 3:53 pm
 Fulfil Cookies and Cream Vitamin and Protein Bar - Pack of 15:Btc4you

Fulfil Cookies and Cream Vitamin and Protein Bar - Pack of 15:Btc4you

Price:£23.95+ Free shipping with Cryptools Prime

ChrisVonae Reply to on 29 August 2018
Firstly, I follow a keto LCHF diet. I stay under 20g net carbs a day and reap the benefits of doing so. I don't particularly 'want' for chocolate and sweet things, but now and again it's nice to have the option.

These are delicious. De-licious.

A crumbly cookie texture, incredible flavour. Wow.

Packed to the rafters with protein, fibre, vitamins and all the good stuff.. always handy.

Not entirely guilt free for me coming in at 8.2g of carbs so I could only have one a day to stay in keto but only 1.9g of sugar per bar.

Some fair warnings (particularly for fellow low carbers):

The nutritional information seems to be akin the the US style and doesn't could fibre. The 8.2g is net carbs not 'total' carbs.

It contains Stevia (yay!) And erythritol (hmm) the latter is fine as a sweetner, however if you eat too many bars, you will have laxative effects, stomach cramps etc.

They are incredibly moreish, and raise your blood sugar levels (not as much as normal sugar) on keto I never feel hungry, but these bars can leave you with cravings.

Fulfil also do pther flavours, the peanut one is also good (slightly higher carbs) other products vary and some are very carby or contain bad sweetners like malitol, so always check. Cookies one is the cleanest and by far the nicest tasting.

Genuinely hard to write this review without placing another order.
ptrichardsonuk Reply to on 9 April 2018
Dark Chocolate and Mint - Tastes just like After Eights
You could easily confuse this for a normal chocolate bar
Andreia Pereira
Andreia Pereira Reply to on 26 March 2018
Best protein bars I've tried recently. They're so good I feel like I'm having an actual chocolate. Best flavor is Chocolate&Caramel&Cookie Dough (purple bar) and next is White Chocolate and&Cookie Dough. I also like Chocolate&Oranve a lot, but I guess it depends if you like the combination or not. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Noe Reply to on 7 December 2017
Flavour outstanding, won’t even know you’re having a protein bar. Better than actual unhealthy bars imo.
Very Frank
Very Frank Reply to on 3 June 2017
Very nice tasting protein bar that you don't want to rush eating. You get 20g protein in this. OK it isn't just protein and you need to eat as part of a balanced programme but eating this is an enjoyable consumer experience.
Flynn Reply to on 20 December 2017
I'm addicted. Randomly tried them at an airport... hunted them down, and now have them monthly. They're such a treat - and still a good protein bar. Love 'em.
Taylor Bayley
Taylor Bayley Reply to on 24 April 2018
Could quite happily eat these at any time as a treat - I've tried the chocolate orange and triple chocolate deluxe and both are amazing.
With just over 200kcal per bar and 20g of protein as well as 2.7g sugar and added vitamins, they're not even unhealthy chocolate bars masquerading as protein bars - would recommend to anyone.
Karen T James
Karen T James Reply to on 1 June 2017
Love these bars, full of protein and great tasting too!. Great service from company. Thank you.
J. Rawnsley
J. Rawnsley Reply to on 17 May 2018
Almost like a crispy jaffa cake bar ; not as sweet of course since it's low sugar. But very good for a protein bar.
K. PARKER Reply to on 24 July 2018
I rotate these bars with other flavours for my breakfast and they keep me from feeling hungry until lunch time. I love all the flavours.
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