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Cleavon Little
Cleavon Little Published in September 21, 2018, 1:40 pm
 Blazing Saddles:Btc4you

Blazing Saddles:Btc4you


😠 Reply to on 28 July 2017
This is one of my most watched films. Excellent viewing for a Sunday afternoon. But because its so watched I actually wore out the DVD we had. Seeing as they had released a Blu Ray edition I was quick to snap it up. The picture quality and sound are just fantastic. The film has a whole new life due to this remaster. The farting cowboys scene is great through my surround sound speakers. Overall I'm very pleased to have one of the finest comedies ever made in such great quality.
michael claydon
michael claydon Reply to on 28 October 2017
Classic comedy. Definitely NOT politically correct. Lot of stereotype humour, and in racist terms the white cowboys come off worst. Good stuff , just forget your prejudices cos that is not what this film is about. Just a bit of fun.
Johanna Reply to on 24 May 2018
This is a classic Mel Brooks western parody about a black sheriff (who works in a town full of racists), and a gunslinger (who is a town drunk), and their unlikely partnership. Their only enemy is Hedley Lamarr, a scheming railroad developer. Great movie.
D. J. Wilden
D. J. Wilden Reply to on 22 October 2013
I took my mother to the cinema in the 70"s to see this. The campfire scene with the beans had me screaming with laughter, Mel Brooks left no-one out of the mix to insult, its hysterically funny all the way through, Count Basie playing piano in the desert, "excuse me while I whip this out", "Candygram for Mongo, Candygram for Mongo" "So tell me Jim as I am your host and you are my guest, what do you like to do?" "Play chess, screw", "lets play chess" - "would you like some beans Mr Taggart?" some hat waving "I think you've had enough beans", "daddy loves froggy, does froggy love daddy?", "Is it twue what they say about the way you people are gifted?" sounds of a zipper "its twue, its twue", I've seen it just a few times, absolutely hilarious from start to finish
Hendo1x Reply to on 16 May 2017
One of my favourite movies of all time. The picture quality of this version is the best of all the previous releases in my opinion and the extras are a great added bonus. Cant recommend this movie enough. Although if you haven't seen it before be prepared for some very un-PC language.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 19 July 2017
Having never seen this film before and having heard how brilliant it was, I was not disappointed. Haven't laughed so much in ages.
giandougl Reply to on 17 August 2016
Found this widescreen (letterbox) version to be a multi-region disc, (not just Region 1 as advertised) with no embedded copyright protection.
Subtitles both English and Spanish available.
Full of extra's on same single disc, i.e.: deleted scenes, Pilot Episode /spin-off 'Black Bart'..
Various versions of the same film on sale within Amazon, so do some research before buying.
Mr. Justin P. Lees
Mr. Justin P. Lees Reply to on 23 February 2018
Infamous film. Beautifully made. Hilariously funny. Great cast. Great to show anyone who reads guardian. Good humour test.
Robert Sykes
Robert Sykes Reply to on 21 May 2018
Hilarious and way ahead of its time... this one will always get a 10/10 from me.
Mr. M. D. Steel
Mr. M. D. Steel Reply to on 15 October 2016
great humour its just all the serious stuff been taken and looked at in a much lesser, lighter way, but they really pick the moments well to insert some of that wit. The only let down with it is that we don't get Gene Wilder until about halfway through the movie and shame as he does help brighten things up in this one!
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