Btc4you 20 pairs 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs:Btc4you
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20 pairs 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs:Btc4you

3M® Published in September 21, 2018, 1:36 pm
 20 pairs 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs:Btc4you

20 pairs 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs:Btc4you

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Chunky Monkey
Chunky Monkey Reply to on 26 January 2017
Being a light sleeper and living on a busy road, getting a good night's rest has always been a bit of a struggle for me. When I'm asleep, or just as I'm about to nod off, some noisy car or lorry zooms or rubbles past the window and jolts me back awake. Again. And again. And again.

I am so pleased (and relieved) that I got these. I have found these little plugs do the job for me, much better than I could have hoped for. They come in individually packaged little boxes as sets of two. They are about 19 mm long and 13 mm across (see photo - pair in the middle) and are made from a sort of soft memory foam, which adapts to the contours of your ear canal when inserted.

You need to make sure they are properly fitted (you don't just stuff them in, as I did the first time I used them without looking at the box!). You roll them up between your thumb and fingers until they are thin and then gently insert into your open ear. They then expand in you ear cavity to block out sound). There are even videos on YouTube showing you how to do it. I found it took a bit of trial and error to fit them perfectly (A slight roll between the fingers as I gently inserted them tended to do the trick for me).

They didn't block out sound completely (I didn't really expect them to, to be honest), but definitely reduced it significantly and also "dulled" the higher pitched noises too. I found it much easier to get to sleep and stay asleep, once there.
I also found an unexpected advantage of using these was, because I knew they worked, I was less anxious about getting to sleep (I wasn't lying there just waiting for the next loud noise to disturb me) so I found I was much more relaxed to begin with when going to bed and so got to sleep even easier!

A couple of points. Even though they are very comfortable, even when lying on them, I found it took about a week to get completely used to wearing something in my ear. If you have the same problem, I'd recommend sticking with them, you will quickly get used to them and the reward of a good night's sleep is definitely worth the effort.

Wished I tried these years ago.

I have also tried two other kinds of foam ear plugs;

Firstly; 3M 1100 Earplugs B018RIA3L2 (the left hand pair in the picture). These are made from a slightly smoother feeling "foamy" material than the "1100" type. The have the same diameter as the "classic", but are slightly longer and have a tapered end. I found these just about as effective as keeping the noise out. (5 stars)

Secondly; Laser Lite Ear Plugs by Honeywell SNR 35dB Earplugs (B018RIA3L2) (the right hand pair in the picture). I found these okay. While they are made from the softest foam of the three, I found them the least comfortable to wear, for some reason and I didn't think they kept the sound out quite as well for me as the other two types, so 3 stars, for me personally.

One final point. Because everyone is different, one of these styles of plug may not work for you, however, I would recommend trying out others until you find the right one for you. I know what it's like to be kept awake. It wears you down. Please keep looking. Don't give up. There are so many different types on the market and the right for you will be out there.
ChrisPduck Reply to on 27 February 2018
Great earplugs - by far the best I've ever tried and I've tried (and thrown away) loads! All you do is roll them until they are very thin and then push them into your ears and wait a few seconds for them to expand and fill the ear cavity. They stay thin for a short while, giving you plenty of time to get them right into your ears - something that the softer, spongier types don't do. After use, they are a bit misshapen so just wash them in some hot soapy water, squeeze them in a towel and leave them to dry. They can be used over and over again if you wash them afterwards so this pack of 20 pairs should last a pretty long time.

I'd say the noise stopping ability is around 97% - enough for you to get off to sleep before your other half starts sawing logs or your noisy neighbour gets back from the pub and continues the frivolity until the early hours!
Roshan Mani
Roshan Mani Reply to on 10 April 2017
It was either this or be prepared to lose my hearing much earlier than I'd like. I ride a motorbike and while I have a good helmet, the wind noise was so loud that I was struggling to hear anything after I stopped riding. These ear plugs are really effective and my ears still pick up the faint rumble of my bike engine and deeper sounds from other vehicles near me. Good enough to ensure I don't lose spatial awareness while riding, though it took me a couple of rides to get used to the noise damping.
SL22 Reply to on 1 November 2017
I use these earplugs when I sleep as I am a light sleeper and live in a flat with bad noise insulation. After having tried numerous different earplugs, I would say that these 3M ones are the best ones on the market. At least from what I have tried out. They are comfortable and they hardly ever fall out during the night. No earplugs will cancel out all sounds completely, but these definitely cancel out enough for me to not hear my neighbours' i.e. floorboards squeaking when they walk, voices, footsteps, banging and televisions. They also decrease the sound of my boyfriend's loud snoring a bit.
KLW Reply to on 30 May 2018
Over the years I've used many different designs and types of ear plugs including wax, foam, silicone and all have their pros and cons in terms of price, hygiene and effectiveness. On balance, this EAR plugs are the brand I always return to. They're cheap, effective, can be used a few times (and washed) and represent good value for money.

They block, or rather subdue, much outside noise eg neighbour chatter, garden tools, distant parties, snoring in the next room and help subdue the bass beat of a thumping stereo or chainsaw in the next garden. I always keep a set at home plus carry further sets for camping.

Recommended as a good balance of price, performance, effectiveness and comfort that's hard to beat.
Stephen Reply to on 28 March 2017
A definite step up on quality from the ear plugs I was previously using. The quality of foam is of significantly better quality than most other ear plugs out there, leading to improved comfort and fit over longer durations. The amount of noise reduction (note: reduction - NOT elimination) is quite profound too. The smaller the product, the more the details matter and these ear plugs are a perfect example of something done right. All in all, a highly recommended product from a highly recommended seller.
Naz Reply to on 15 August 2018
These earplugs are so good! I’ve never used ear plugs before so this has been an interesting experience. I rolled them between my fingers to make them narrow and inserted it into my ear. I could hear them crackle and pop as it expanded which felt really weird. I have the tiniest ear holes so I was concerned that they wouldn’t fit but they do! They cancelled out noise as much as my as my headphones do, however I didn’t actually buy these to cancel out noise. Im travelling around Asia and my biggest fear is to have an insect crawl into my ear while I’m sleeping. I also hate the noise of mosquitos which keeps me up at night, thankfully these do the job! Love love love it!
Mads West
Mads West Reply to on 26 November 2016
I don't understand the negative reviews. I can only assume people aren't using them properly. I've had to use earplugs for years to get a decent night's sleep. They have always been uncomfortable. You have to be patient putting these ones in. Squish then as thin as you can get them, get them in the ear as quickly as possible and hold them in place while they expand. It takes a little while but I barely notice they're in. They're really comfortable and the best I've used. So much so that I'm bulk ordering them now so I don't have to rely on something else if I run out. I don't recommend using them more than once but they're so cheap that doesn't matter.
Oliver Reply to on 20 August 2018
So after taking a night job I soon realised I needed something to help me fall sleep in the daytime as the relentless lawmowers, door bell ringing and upstairs neighbors walking around was really taking its toll. Anyway on to the earplugs, I’ve previously been using the popular Howard leight pink and yellow ones but these were on offer at just over £2 so decided to give them a try. First impressions were good they come individually packaged in pairs. They are easy to insert because they’re more firm and have a slower reflex, just roll them as small as you can with your index finger and thumb and pull your ear out and down and insert. (This does take some practice) but you have ages to find the hole as it were because of how slowly the take to reform. I would say they are about the same comfort level even though they are a harder foam than the Howard ones, but for some reason they don’t seem to block out as much noise. On the upside though they don’t make the inside of my ears hot and sweaty like some plugs do. Very good product overall but I think I will stick with the Howard Leight for the time being and maybe try a few others like the Macks range.
Sil Green
Sil Green Reply to on 4 December 2015
These have been my preferred, no, only acceptable earplugs for years! They are comfortable and easy to use, and I have never had any earplugs that blocks out sound as efficiently as these. The huge advantage about these are the consistency, they are just the right thickness and 'spongyness' so that you have time to roll them into a thin pipe that you can fit into your ear, once in, they expand and fills out your ear canal so as to be a completely tight, perfect fit. All other earplugs I've had are either too loose, so that they don't block out sound efficiently, or too tight, so that you cannot get them into your ear properly. These are also solid enough so that you never accidentally end up with bits in your ear that could cause problems. For me, one pair lasts a LONG time, think months to a year, but that is because I only use them on the occasion the neighbors have a party. And yes, they almost completely blocks out that annoying, deep bass. (To the extent that anything can, if it is loud enough, you can still FEEL that in your body.) I've never tried washing them though. This pack of 20 are going to last me till.... I retire, probably.
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